Heart Candle Holder


〉 Handmade Individually Crafted Heart Candle Holder
〉 Made With Select Woods, Maple
〉 Holds 3 Candles
〉 Perfect Light Weight And Fits Hands Beautifully
〉 Each Candle Holder Is Finished With  Serenity Boards Seasoning Wax
〉 Dimensions Are  8” x  6” x  2”
〉 Besides Being Practical, Each One Is So Beautiful And Unique That You Can Put It Out For Display For Everyone To See
〉 Handcrafted In The USA

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 These beautiful handcrafted Candle Holders are hand made from apple trees. All of our woods are milled and kiln-dried here in our shop. The colors are all natural, no stains or dyes. Each wood was chosen for its decorative and utilitarian qualities. The apple contrasts, giving it a mid-century modern look that fits in any home, new or old. Each candle holder is crafted individually and is completely unique due to the wood used and the way that it is cross-cut, then they are finely sanded to an ultra-smooth surface and then treated with Serenity Boards Seasoning Wax.


  Entertain in style with a Serenity Boards candle holder. These beautifully crafted candle holders are perfect for in the kitchen or anywhere in your home. A great gift for any occasion, it will surely please anyone. Serenity Boards custom made candle holders. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!     Made In The USA

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Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in



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