Seasoning Wax 1oz Tin


〉 All Natural Cutting Board Seasoning Wax – 1oz/29.5ml
〉 Made From 100% Food Safe Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax And Orange Essential Oil
〉 No GMOs, No Paraffins, Non-Toxic, And No Mystery
〉 Maintain The Natural Beauty Of Wood – Guard Against Germs, Mold, And Splitting
〉 Beeswax To Seal, Organic Coconut Oil To Condition, And Orange Essential Oil As An Antibacterial
〉 Simply Rub Wax Onto Your Boards With A Dry Cloth To Extend The Life Of Your Cutting Board
〉 Fresh Smelling Scent: The Wax Is Scented With Orange Essential Oil, Leaving Your Kitchen Smelling Crisp And Clean After Every Use
〉 Handcrafted In The USA

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    Maintain the beauty and function of your wood cutting board by oiling it with our Cutting Board Seasoning Wax. We explicitly avoid using GMOs, paraffins or any other “mystery” ingredients that you might find in other wood finishes. Made with a combination of coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil, this Seasoning Wax will seal and protect your cutting board, making it last for years and years to come. Coconut oil helps to condition and maintain the woods natural oil content and beauty, while the pure beeswax will help to seal out odors, stains and more- making your cutting board easy to clean.
    Easy and quick to use, the wax comes pre-molded in a 1 oz tin, 2 oz stick or a 4 oz tin. Just open your wax and directly apply it to your wooden products then work it in with a dry cloth until they’re fully coated, and you’re done! How often should you oil your cutting board? Repeat monthly, or as needed. Works on any wood product. While the wax was originally made as a food-safe option for seasoning our wooden cutting boards, this can be used for any wooden products in your kitchen! From salad bowls to knife handles – and even kitchen cabinets and dining tables – this wax is perfect for anything in need of a beeswax-powered sealing protective finish.
    A little goes a long way. One tin or stick can last you for years of regularly seasoning and maintenance for your wooden kitchen products like bowls, tongs and knives. This wax is handmade in the USA with only three organic, all natural and 100% food-safe ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax and orange essential oil.





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